Shasta has a new home!

It is quiet, consists of two adults and one cat in a quiet cul-de-sac. Kitty was loving once out of the crate and she was working it for all she was worth. it is a great home!  I also got the male Siamese this morning from the lady. Now all that is left is socialize him, get him neutered and find this gorgeous boy a home.


I finally put her inside the newly insulated cat enclosure outside. She is so much happier out there now. No barking puppy, no medical machines pumping no brothers in the next room calling out to her. I went and sat with her for about an hour until she did finally calm down. Last I checked, she was asleep- she finally ate some food and used the litterpan. I know our house is chaos at time- and this confirms my suspicion she needs to be a very quiet home when she does get adopted out. I see her with an elderly woman because all she wants me to do is pet her endlessly while she catches cat naps on my lap.

Thanks to everyone

I know that I sound like a broken record at times when I ask for donations but locally raising money only brings in a few dollars at best. This week we brought in $11.45 from three different locations. Doesn’t matter, it all goes right on the vet bill. The bill is carried at Faithful Friends in Lebanon under my name Mary Anne Miller. Their phone number is 541-451-1319 that way anyone thinking the monies might be getting misspent can just make a direct payment of a few dollars on the bill and not go through Paypal at all. To those of you who dug deep and sent a few dollars- we sure do want to thank you. We raised a total of $113.00 towards Shasta’s spay.

This morning, I took her over to Midge for her photo shoot. Midge’s room has full length mirrors on the closet there and when Shasta saw herself in the mirror- she ran full on into the mirror and slammed it with her head! I went after her to capture her but before I could get to her in time, she did it four more times! She hit hard and I have been watching her for signs of trauma, but other than doing a lot of meowing (constantly) I don’t see a change in her behavior.

Here is one photo of her before we called it a day. She was pretty much anxious during the whole experience. The only time she was calm was when she was in my arms. She is a beautiful kitty.


I decided to use this bizarre rescue as a lesson to others and this is the current ad running online in the hopes of finding her a good, loving home.


Right now, she is in a small cage near my computer and I am sure that tonight will be a repeat of last night. I got no sleep at all- she cried all night, very softly, no yowling but she is clearly not happy being confined. I may  just let her out in a few minutes into the house and see how that goes- just so we can sleep tonight.

So thanks again those of you who pitched in to help us NOT increase our already sky-high vet bill.



Sending out an S.O.S

With the arrival of the new kittens, I had a surprise this morning when I went into the room. The girl was heavily pregnant!  Knowing it was an inbred pregnancy, I called the vet and took her in to be spayed this morning. I can deal with the intact males- worse case scenario the longer we hold off on the neuters the more of a chance they start spraying and or fighting- but I can’t have a litter here right now- especially from an inbred colony. 🙁

If you can send any money our way right now, it is needed! I have to cover at least this day’s visit with testing and spaying an take home pain medication will run $190.00  I don’t want us to run up any more vet bill then necessary and take the risk of having our clinic tell us we need to take a hike (although they would say it nicely I am sure).

Here are the three new ones- they are no way 6 months old- more like 8 or 9 months at best. The girl that I am calling Shasta is the one with white on her chest and face. The boys are yet unnamed and scared of their own shadow at this point and time.



Still no word from her about the parents. I tried calling the number she left me but it rings to empty air. 🙁  I suspect she will not relinquish her “moneymakers” any time soon and because she insisted we meet in town- I have no clue where she lives.

Here she is after her spay- we raised $68.00 towards the spay, the rest is tacked on to the existing bill


I think she is grateful she doesn’t have to become a young, unwed mother! 🙂 Either that or she is feeling the effects of the anesthesia- LOL



By the way, the woman with the queen and the male tracked me down in town today. She called here and Mike told her I was doing errands in town and she found me at the store. She said she will bring the cats to me tomorrow and when I told her Shasta was pregnant and being spayed she burst out crying. And I don’t think it was tears of joy.

Some people defy description

(Shaking my head here) I just got a call from a lady who has three, 3 month old kittens and she is looking to “get rid of them.”  GRRR I hate that term. Anyway, talking to her although she speaks broken English, she tells me she had 6 kittens, but she ran out of money to feed them, so she put three of them outside her home and told them to “Go Hunt” then she stopped feeding those three. She said that three weeks later, she went outside and found them all dead on her stoop- said they were really skinny and wanted to know why they didn’t hunt!

So- I am going to take her remaining three kittens and am waiting for her to call me back to tell me she has captured them in carriers. Supposedly, they love her and run in the house. I really didn’t want to do any more kittens for quite awhile and have been in prayer over this whole non-profit thing for weeks- but sometimes God pulls me back into it and if I don’t take these babies- God is the only One who will know what will happen to them!

Now hopefully, It will be Cagney’s turn

This was Cagney when she first arrived here over a year ago with her sister and 2 brothers:01cagill

This is her in December of last year when she was returned to us (along with the others) when the family found themselves homeless. She was 27 pounds! I rushed her to the vet thinking she  might be hyperthyroid- but all tests panned out negative. She was just fat!


Now, she weighs 11 pounds! Still fat but not as bad. This weekend will be her day- I take her later on to a lady who will photograph her and we will get her online and advertise her as a special needs kitty. She has a horrible habit of growling at the other cats and this can be off-putting. It has caused us some issues here and made us rehome her sister and two brothers because at every turn, she was out to get them. She wasn’t kidding either- so all the other cats are living in separate homes away from each other and doing splendidly.

I had to keep her with us to be sure she wouldn’t repeat the initial first day of aggression that she showed me. She has not- but will not allow any other cat in my lap when she is there first. She has to be the only cat in a home or disaster can result.

I will post her new photos in a bit after I go to Midge’s photo shoot- LOL This elderly woman is incredible- she has survived brain cancer twice and lives in a beautiful home by the river and wants to photograph all my cats to get them into home and also to put them on a calendar and offer the calendar for sale. We met at the cat food aisle in the local grocery store and struck up a friendship.


Here she is in her photo shoot:



We don’t currently have the funds to buy 200 calendars and sell at the upcoming Jamboree- right now, our priority stays with paying down the vet debt- now sitting at $2,169.88  (going down but ever so slowly).  We really need donations folks. I don’t know how else to put it. I am about ready to lose my good standing with my vet 🙁 and we have two more males to neuter before they start spraying.

Four more kittens find homes!

Now it is Bibbens turn to find her forever home- she is so shy, she isn’t going to be able to handle small dogs, toddlers or a high-activity household. Please pray the right home will come her way-



I am thrilled to report that in running this ad- Pocket, Bibbens and Alex have all found their forever homes! Possible adopters waiting in the wings for Glory Bee and Ashley so we will see how those home checks go:01calico

01denver 002

“Muggles” has a home!

I picked up Muggles this morning from the vet and within an hour of being here- alone in a room with little distractions, she had worked herself up into a high fever. I called the vet back because right before I took Muggles home, one of the vet techs confessed that she had really fallen in love with Muggles while taking care of her. I took Mugs back to the vet and the tech will take her home tonight.

I have to think that the barking, yappy puppy Juno is part of the stress problem. We have only had her a month but she has high separation anxiety and goes nuts when we put her into her open pen in the living room- even if we are just sitting in the room with her- she just goes ballistic. She also barks loudly when she has to go outside and potty which I am grateful for, but it is really noisy.


So Mugs will be in a home where she will be loved and looked after and I couldn’t be more pleased with this result. I will miss her as she was a loving kitty that just wanted to snuggle all the time, but this place is not a good place for cats to grow old in. It’s just not there are medical machines, wheelchair to watch out for and then the lift chair as well- I wish Mugs the best-

I am a Driven Person

7 hours in the truck today but it has resulted in two wonderful homes for two wonderful kittens” Foggy and Nickles. Nickles scored with a beautiful, two story town home and another Russian Blue brother to play with on marble stairs (yes I said marble) Foggy will be a companion for a 15 year old boy who is battling depression. He will also have to learn how to get along with 5 cockatiels because the mom rescues them. One kitty is in Gresham and the other kitty is in Monmouth. I am tired, but happy that they now both will have a new forever home. Both new moms have promised photographs so when they arrive, I will be sure to share. But here are the two kitties before they left  here:

01foggandme Foggy and Me


01cuddlesNickles still looking a bit punky but doing so much better!

This leaves only 3 more hoarder kitties needing a home: Bibbens. Slater (Nickles Brother and Flip (Bibben’s brother) Both Flip and Slate still have ringworm  all over their lovely tail so they have been shaved and they look quite odd at the moment but the ringworm has  finally stopped spreading.


Just called the families and I am smiling. Fog slept with his new little boy last night and Nickles and his new friend Smokey are also sharing a bed. I couldn’t ask for better news for both of them.