Playing Catch Up

First off- thank you to those of you who sent the food for Quince. I am getting the packages from Chewy (they were unable to help me cut the cost of the food) but there is no indication who sent them. But a GIANT thank you from both of us for your wonderful gift of the heart.

I learned a bit late that the combination of the drugs Quince was getting was making him worse and not better- so I stopped the Baytril immediately. I was told by my feline specialist that giving him both the Covenia and the Baytril was a bit risky and besides internal turmoil it can also cause a cat to go blind! I had not idea and apparently neither did my vet. Since stopping it, Quince has shown a bit more interest in life and is moving around a bit more and being very vocal when he sees me.

The local animal shelter has agreed to take all of the 5 chemical kitties and place them in foster care until they are big enough to spay/neuter. I take them in tomorrow afternoon and this is a big load off my heart. Mike is scheduled for a procedure next week- they are going to put a probe into his ankle that sends sonic waves up his leg to determine if there is a problem with the valves or the circulation. It will tell the surgeons if the blood is flowing correctly, or if it is flowing backward. If the valves are good then it turns out he doesn’t have a valve problem but a lymphatic one. This means (sadly) that they can’t fix it surgically. It is inoperable. The only place that does the surgery and it is high-risk and the odds are not good for it even working (or him surviving the ordeal) is the Mayo Clinic and that is a bit out of reach for us to even consider.  So with the shelter taking the five babies, I won’t be so worried about them when I have to go to the hospital and be with Mike. I am beyond grateful because I know that they are so full up right now- but I also know the babies will be in the best of hands. They also ask $185.00 for their kittens- so it’s a win-win for both of us!

Koda is settling in nicely. he has learned not to show interest in the cats on the inside of the house as well as the outside. he will start to chase them if they run BUT he stops the minute I call to him and now when he goes outside with me, they just lay there and look at him without running. They are adjusting to his presence. He’s such a goof. I went to the bank this morning and left him in the truck. I was gone all of ten minutes and when I got back in the car, I got a full face and neck wash as he dog-mugged me in his delight to see me. LOL  it is hard to hold off a 74 pound German Shepherd Puppy when he is bound and determined to have his way. Again, it is an adjustment and we are learning about all of this together.

With the five kittens leaving tomorrow that leaves me with three kittens to spay and neuter- much better than eight. I think they will fly out of the house after their spays- which is this week- because they are beautiful kittens with lovable personalities. Slider is constantly under my feet, which is how she got her name. I am afraid I am going to trip on her and slide right to the floor. Her brother Trip, he was a bit shy at first but he is coming out of his shy shell and will run up to me to say hello when I go in to feed and visit. Pita is no longer and pain in my you know what- he wants to be picked up and held at all time and has stopped hiding behind the water heater when he sees me.

Our vet bill now sits at $900.00 Little by little I am chiseling away at it- Thank you to those of you who have sent money to help out.


The Concern Grows

Ever since the last vet visit, Quince has barely moved off the heated cat bed. There is evidence he is eating and he is pooping on the floor- but other than that, this four year old’s activity level is at a very low point. I am hoping after the next 5 Baytril are taken- his URI will be on the run and he will be able to breathe again.

I know I took a chance with him being in such deplorable shape, but I wanted him to survive the abuse and neglect. It might have all been in vain- but if the worse happens, and I once again need to stamp a Bridge Pass at least he will know that briefly, he was loved and cared for and protected to the best of our ability. At least he has that-

Quince’s Struggles Continue

Yesterday, Quince went to get his stitches and his staples out of his feet. he is still blowing snot like nobody’s business so they gave him an antibiotic shot (second one) and told me to continue with the Baytril as well. When they were done with the feet, and he stood up- he started bleeding from his back paw! They discovered a hole about the size of a nickel on the top of his foot- but rather than stress him out by sedating him and closing it up, I have instructions to just watch it, keep it clean and if it progresses, bring him back in. There was also concern that Quince may be just “one of those cats” with chronic upper respiratory infections. I hope not- for his sake.

The eclipse is coming on Monday and this town is going nuts.People are arriving from all over to view the eclipse. One of the farmers down the road is selling parts of his field as tent spots for people to park there and see the eclipse! The price isn’t cheap either! There’s going to be so many people converging on Oregon in the next few days. I just want to stay home and hide.

How did that Happen?

Pigeon is a great hunter and to prove this, he brought in a mouse this morning and presented it to me. Only one problem, the mouse wasn’t dead and it has escaped in my kitchen. I don’t give it good odds of surviving with 6 cats in the house and if it goes into the bedroom it will encounter 8 more kittens. I hope it found a hole and got back outside, but last seen it scooted under the dishwasher trying to escape Pigeon, Shimmer and Skya’s pursuit.  It had to have come into the cat enclosure through the wires probably to escape the blistering heat. I’m not keen to have a mouse in the house, but again- the chances of its survival is fairly slim.


Please send Prayers and Good Thoughts

I have to take Quince in as he is not doing well. He is barely eating and his discharge from his eyes and nose has increased despite the covenia shot. I wonder if I should have just followed my first instinct and let him go, but he is so darn young and loving (unless he’s getting fluids or pills!) He doesn’t use the litter pan but I expected that- those paws are still swollen and a bit sore. Even the pine litter that I keep damp has to hurt him. He’s not due to get his staples out until the 18th but he has that “look” about him that I can’t just ignore.

I hope and pray that I am wrong. We don’t need another large charge on the bill- but I won’t let him suffer either. Seems to me, he has the monopoly on suffering at this time. 🙁

**Just got home from the vet. They are putting him on more pain medication and a stronger antibiotic so he hopefully won’t be blowing snot all over the room and soon feel like eating. He has gained some weight. The vet thinks that the paws (even though he is walking normally) has a large portion to do with why he won’t eat well. We also decided to shave him to get rid of the nics (lice eggs). Since the enclosure is heated- it should be okay to shave him so close to fall. I was distressed to see that even after the clipping, there were still nics in his fur. They hatch every nine days. I also learned that lice deposit more tapeworms inside cats then fleas do. I guess the saving grace here is he isn’t strong enough yet, nor does he feel well enough to groom himself. But we put profender on him. I am to keep an eye on him to be sure the chemical doesn’t mess with him.

He was so wore out, he slept all the way home. Poor boy. I did have to laugh- they left him a Mohawk down the center of his back! Quince has gone Punk! The vet did say that the paws were relatively clean and look so much better than before. Laying down that linoleum seems to have worked- plus it is easier to clean his piles up in the morning when he skips the litterpans.

Look What I Found~

Yesterday morning, lying in the grass was this baby possum! I thought at first it had met its demise from one of the cats, but it was playing possum. I picked it up with a towel and put in a heated snugglepad because it was as still as a ghost. Using a rolled up banana leaf, I made a funnel and trickled some water into its mouth hoping if it was in shock- it would revive it. I saw it swallow so knew there was hope. Still wouldn’t move, so I covered it up and placed it in an empty enclosure. When I went back a few hours later- again expecting it not to have survived, it had latched on to the bars of the carrier and wanted out. The minute I went to reunite baby with mama (she is living under our haybarn with 8 little ones- it went all silent again which was pretty funny considering it paused mid-leap to get out of Dodge. I had to back away and keep the cats away before it finally made its escape.

Between Queen Possum with 8 babies and Mama Skunk with five babies, our place can get a bit busy early in the mornings!

Quince’s Next Challenge

Poor kitty cannot catch a break. He has stones in his bladder and the trick is to get him to drink more. One way is to put him on a prescription diet of dry food (he only eats canned at the moment) or to present him with a pet fountain. I just put two pet fountains on our wish list if someone would be kind enough to order one for him- that would be awesome. Otherwise his urine is so concentrated that he is facing big issues in the future. I can’t give him fluids very easily. I don’t turn him into a sprinkler, but he turns me into one! LOL He’s had his fill of getting poked with needles and now does some deep poking of his own. I am adding water to his canned food- but he really needs to start drinking on his own.

I just made a huge vet payment. I should of held some back for this but I didn’t know at the time, and my vet debt is still giving me nightmares. Thank you for any assistance

Hey Guys, Guess What??

Quince is walking! His paws are now normal size, they no longer smell bad and he can put equal pressure on all four feet! He looks funny with staples in his feet and I have been given permission to extend his pain meds for one more day- but he is walking like a normal kitty now~

Hobbit has been Adopted!

She has been missing her brother, Bud like crazy after he got adopted a few weeks ago. Now it is her turn for her forever home and it is a wonderful place with four adults who will love her like another member of their family. They have a 10 year old orange tabby but are ready to expand their home and take on a kitten.

I took her over there this morning, lifted her out of the carrier, put her on the bathroom floor and she immediately went over and crawled on the mom’s Jill’s lap like she belonged there!  Jill is an older woman with two sons college-age, a hard-working husband and a beautiful home. Jill has COPD she has degenerative spinal disease and she wanted a kitten for comfort and companionship. I knew the minute Hobbit crawled in her lap that this was the right home for this little girl. Jill told me that for her animals are not animals, they are a member of the immediate family and will treated as such.

I had to laugh because I went out to the truck to get the kitty care package and coming back into the home, I couldn’t remember which door led to the master bedroom where Hobbit will be staying. The three bedrooms are right next to each other and all the doors were closed. I accidentally opened up the son’s door. He was in the kitchen and he called out “Look someone is opening up my bedroom door!” I was embarrassed and spun around to apologize and saw he was smiling. he said “Don’t worry about it, I was just getting excited thinking maybe the new kitten was going to sleep with me! ” LOL  Again another confirmation that Hobbit has found a home.

I asked Jill where she heard of me and she said last year she read a story at Christmas time about a cat named Cyclone who went missing for 9 years and returned back to us. She had clipped out the article and hung it on her bedroom wall. Said she knew that when they were ready to expand their heart and home, I would be the one to lead her to the right kitten!

Speaking of publicity, I contacted several radio stations with Quince’s story hoping to get some air time for him and some more donations to hit this vet debt. Please pray that the people reading the story and seeing the photos will be led to share it with their listeners and hearts will be moved.



I’ll Never Understand It

This morning, while with Quince, he was belly rolling and doing air biscuits all the time I was combing him out. Lice in cats is so rare around here- one vet told me to continue using Frontline Spray on him, but Dr. Vicki the feline specialist who donates her time here told me to wait. He isn’t in any kind of shape to deal with a mixture of chemicals. So he gets groomed three times a day to remove the nits.

He is such a love and I just shake my head in disbelief that this “neighborhood” ignored his suffering. It isn’t as if he could run away- when I got to him, he couldn’t even walk. One little girl on her bike the day after I rescued him told me that she had told her mom about the cat and the mom told her to stay away! When I told this little girl, I had him, she dropped her bike and ran over and gave me a hug!

How can you do that- you see a cat that can’t walk, can barely see and he has goop hanging out of his nose and eyes and you walk away? You shut your blinds and call for the kids and take them to soccer? I just don’t bloody get it.

He is eating, he is drinking, he is pooping and peeing- all systems are go! He has decided the window seat is his favorite spot. I have to go in a few minutes and shut off his view because it is going to be in the 90’s today. Leaving that view open means that double-insulated enclosure is going to be mighty hot for him.

I delivered his food to him, yesterday, I had to feed him off a spoon- today, he figured out if he hangs his bad rear foot over the edge so there isn’t pressure on it- and holds his front paw up- he can eat without as much pain. I know he is still in pain- he is still on the pain meds, but he is just such a sweet, sweet boy.