An Unexpected Goodbye

Solo,  a feral orange girl who has lived inside a cage attached to our barn (with the door wide open all the time) has been injured and is walking wonky right now. If I had to guess, she has been bumped by a tire or rolled. She is very feral so the challenge comes in capturing her without getting torn up and getting her in and putting her to sleep. She was left behind when a hoarder was carted off to a nursing home and it took forever to trap her. The only time she has been to a vet is to get spayed and tested. We have had her 12 years and she was probably five when she arrived here. If I  even try to touch her back- she goes ballistic- looks like her hips are busted. 🙁

Update: At noon today, Solo took her last breath here on earth. She was surrounded by love, received gentle hugs and kisses on her final flight. She was gone before all the liquid found its way into her bloodstream which showed us she was clearly suffering. It was time to say goodbye to this golden girl who started life on a rough path. She was in such bad shape that this morning, I was able to reach into the cage, scruff her gently before putting her into a carrier. She had good years with us. I  will miss her coming out of the darkness to greet me when I have food for her and the others. Goodbye Sweetheart- I will remember you long~

7 thoughts on “An Unexpected Goodbye

  1. that is so sad, but she had a good life with you, she was safe and loved. She knew it and in the end she trusted you to touch her when it counted the most. purrs and headbutts, time to run and play on that rainbow bridge, I bet you run into some very dear old friends!

  2. I didn’t see her this morning and it hit me, she is truly gone. I broke down and cried. Because of Mike falling yesterday, I was unable to be with her in the final moments, but I know the vet staff acts with compassion and caring and my vet assured me that he would give her hugs before the end. I will miss her so much- she was a bright orange spot in my morning. I always thought it so sweet that although petting her elicited biting spurts, she would always bump my ankles in the morning when I was dishing out food. I would go to reach for her, and she would flee as if the devil himself were after her. I go to dish out more food and she would appear again. I guess she thought if Mom’s arms were occupied petting her would be off my radar.

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers go out to you during this difficult time. RIP sweet girl.

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