I’m not exactly sure…..

but I think the “dreaded bath” has been forgiven!LOL

There are now three families interested in adopting her. But she doesn’t go anywhere until she gets vetted and checked out on Tuesday- (even when it means adding to my vet bill). IF she is microchipped, her owners deserve to know that she is okay- plus being outside if she wasn’t vaccinated, she could be carrying something bad- I pray she isn’t because my goodness- she is both a GOOF and a love!



Cemetery Dump and Sinclair (of course!)

Mr. Sinclair has returned from being snipped and chipped. He is doing well, a bit loopy around the edges and he looked at me as if to say (as he was coming out of his carrier upstairs) “Mom did you get the number of the truck that hit me?” Poor boy, but in a half-n-hour he will be right as rain and none the worse even with the missing parts. So THANKS ALL of you who helped me make this possible. He goes to his new caretaker Jessie on Monday and may he never feel pain, abandonment or confusion again.

This lovely little girl was left in the local cemetery. I got the call on her yesterday and went to meet her. It was love at first sight. I took her home and she promptly hid under the bed- away from all the monsters.

At 2:00 a.m. she crawled out from under the bed, sought me out, laid on my chest and then moved to the crook of my arm. To say I am thrilled at this progress- well I would be lying as this girl- well, she stank BIG TIme! I tried putting vicks under my nose (didn’t work) I knew I couldn’t hold my breath and sleep at the same time (unless I wanted to sleep forever) and I think I still have much to do before that time- so I opted at 4:00 a.m. to take her into the bathroom and give her what is likely the first bath she ever had.

The water turned instantly dirty and gunky and no tears were shed for the fleas as they went down the whirlpool into the drain- “Bon Voyage Suckers!”

I put her in the warming cage where she yowled her displeasure at having the small heater turned on to help dry her out. Finally, she was dry and flea-treated and she slid under the bed to show me how unhappy she was at this turn of events. But, she will get over it and she smells so much better!

I am calling her Maggie-May


Sinclair update

I could stay upstairs all day and pet this wonderful boy. He wants and needs the affection and attention. That he has been outside at all just breaks my heart! He is drooling heavily today- but I suspect it is a delayed reaction to all he went through on his “first day at the vet.” He had a worming pill, a flea treatment, they took blood and examined him.

I believe I have found him a wonderful home! I put his ad up and twenty minutes later was swamped with responses! I knew he wouldn’t stick around long. There is a family in a town about an hour from here who seems to be the best suited. But he isn’t going anywhere until Weds as he gets neutered on Monday.

Ok I will amend that- he will get neutered tomorrow! I called the clinic and told them I had a possible home for him and they bumped him up in the schedule. That means he can go meet his potential new family on Sunday!

Hmm maybe I can get hair extensions for my black cats and put an ad in and call them Persians or Himalayans and get them adopted!?

Paw-lease if you can help me-

Sinclair went to the vet today. Turns out he does have three puncture marks in his paw as well as one on his pad underneath. Must have been a helluva fight! Why was this lovely cat fighting? He is a tomcat. He is scheduled to be neutered on Monday the 21st-

he tested negative for the nasties he was de-wormed and flea-treated. They gave him a shot and put him on antibotics and an ointment for his eye. Thankfully the cut is below his eye and doesn’t impede his sight. I hope to find him a home quickly-

If anyone can donate any money to this cause, please send your donations through paypal to catsatrisk@comcast.net or just click the button on this website. His vet bill was spendy today. He swallowed up most of CATS kitty-
Gee Sinclair, is this a Paw-litical statement?


“But Sinclair- he is a GOOD vet! I promise!”


Here he is and he will go to the vet tomorrow morning. You can see in the photo how his one paw is quite swollen but his fever is getting under control. This morning, he is guarded and growly quite different from when he first arrived but that is to be expected. Other than giving him his food and pills today- I will just leave him alone and let him decompress-


Scully and Braveheart

Met a lovely couple this afternoon when I took my cats over to a potential new home. The young couple were interested in adopting the brokenHartz litter- the kittens who were poisoned. Toad went along for the ride as well- I had all the carriers on the floor opened as I was putting the cats into them, he just walked right in and settled down- so he went too! Turned out he was the friendliest of the bunch which didn’t surprise me because he is such a love. Mike calls him a doorstop, because when he lays on the floor, he will not move. You have to either pick him up, or gently scoot him aside with your foot he is that comatose! LOL

But they fell in love with Braveheart and Scully (India and Napoleon hid the entire time!) When I got there- they had already bought two large boxes of cat litter, litterpans, a cat condo and food- so they were ready!

I will miss those two babies but know they will have a wonderful life.

And now, I just got a call about a wounded stray is who is such pain she is actually shaking so off I go to get her-

Ok well she turns out to be a he- and he is to sweet for words! He is a big gray and white and brown boy and his paw is wrecked. I will be taking him into my vet in the morning so they can look at his paw. He let me clean and scrub it, I counted three punctures in the one paw and a lot of blood. He never growled, snarled, or raised his lip- let me do all sorts of stuff to him including giving him antibiotics and a capstar- he was lousy with fleas.

He is beautiful and sweet and I suspect he might even be microchipped. He looks pedigreed- but I am not sure about that until I look through my book- but he has some unique markings.

Tomorrow will tell me more when they shave his paw and test him for disease-

In a few hour’s time-

I will meet with two young men who would like to adopt Jordan. Jordan is a 6 month old Siamese mix who until just recently thought under my bed was the best place to view her world. I have been working with her slowly and she came out of her shell about two weeks ago. She now loves to sleep under the covers with me at night. If I stop petting her, she will reach out and bite my chin-not hard. The two men know of this behavior and they don’t appear to mind that she does this.

If anyone happens to surf in and read please send up prayers that I make the right decision for this lovely girl. I am still trying to shake off the Fog incidence and find these adoptions quite hard to manage until I actually get to the house and am able to meet the adopters and ask them so many questions they grow tired of me! LOL

But Mike sat down with me last night and talked to me about how many rescues/adoptions do go right. How many cats and kittens are now in loving homes- and yes, Fog was a mistake but it happened for a reason and all we can do is learn from it and go on.

It is so cold here- 21 degrees so hopefully I won’t meet any black ice on the road. I pray God gives us safe travel and that if this home is meant for Jordan, I will know it the minute I step through the door. She would be the only animal in the house and I am sure she would love that.


I am getting taste-tested by Ms. Jordan-

That was odd

After the arrival of the new siamese- I was pretty tired so I went to bed earlier than usual. I can’t sleep in the front room with Mike anymore. He is using a new mattress that helps with the decubitis problem and the pump is noisy and I can’t sleep. I went into the bedroom to sleep and fell out immediately.

I woke up to Brandy barking just once. Now, she never barks when she is in the house- EVER in the truck that is a different story. I get out of bed and there is pounding on my front door. I open it a crack to see two cars with their lights on and engines running. Two women are standing at my door. I hear “I want my cat back!”

I say, “Excuse me?”

“I want my cat back! My son brought you a cat today and I want him back!”

There were no manners present- not a please may I have my cat back- nothing but anger.

I shut the door, got decent and opened it again and invited them inside. (It was freezing outside).

I asked the woman why the cat wasn’t neutered yet? I told her that based on my observations of him, he had a UTI and he needed to go to the vet and confirm this and get on the proper medication or he could die. I don’t believe she took kindly to my lecture- but I didn’t take kindly to her attitude.

I went and fetched the cat and gave him back to her. I have to hope that after she calms down, she will neuter him and get him vet-checked for a UTI- beyond that it is out of my hands. But it was an odd way to be woke up out of a dead sleep. If Brandi hadn’t of barked, they might still be out there knocking their knuckles off-

Three left- one comes-

Well another Siamese comes into the mix tonight. He is about 8 months old, vaccinated, owner-surrendered. The kid who had him can’t afford to feed or keep him. It was a strange phone call because he initially said he heard I breed Siamese and did I want his male? But he is a young kid and stammered over his words and finally said he heard I take in cats and he needed a place for this boy badly.

This cat is a teenager and needs to be neutered. If you are going to dump off your “pet” at least neuter him first! Also watching him take ample trips to the litterpan makes me suspect we are dealing with a pretty severe UTI. I started him on antibiotics immediately. Supposedly, he is vaccinated, flea-treated and loved- just not enough to keep him when times get tough.

He is a beautiful boy though- anyone care to sponsor a neuter? sigh…..


I can just see this kitten looking at this handsome dude and thinking “Are YOU my Daddy?”