Didn’t Make it in Time

Right when I was getting ready to jump into my jammies and call it a day- the phone rings. It’s the Sweet Home Police Department telling me of a call they just got about a cat hit by car and stuck on fence! The location was 10 minutes from my home so off I flew.

When I got there the witnesses had taken the cat off the fence and laid him in a field. I gently picked him up and saw that he was barely breathing- both back legs were broke. They said that is what caught in the fence after he was flung off the road. 🙁 I called my vet and off I went to see if we could save this boy. he started having seizures 15 minutes into the drive, but he was still alive when the vet got there.

But we were too late. He was too broken and damaged to be put back together so we stamped his Bridge Pass. At least he didn’t die on the road- the person who ran him over didn’t stop- but two other cars did- so he at least gained death with dignity. He looked from all appearances like a stray or someone’s cat who didn’t care about him. He was neutered but he was covered in fleas. I wanted him to be okay, I wanted him to live- but it was not meant to be. I think I have enough in the overflow of the donations to cover the bloodwork and this unexpected late night call/euthanasia which was $130.00

Goodbye Sweet Boy who has no name. I was going to call you Brash because that is how you looked even in your agony. I am glad I got the call about you. I’m sorry it was to late to save you-

One thought on “Didn’t Make it in Time

  1. Poor Brash. You do what you can for them all. The odds are against people who care, but they keep caring nonetheless. Even when it is too late, people like youy care, and that’s vital. Godspeed, Brash.

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