Tomorrow morning

Pidgeon, Drew and Digit go in for their neuters. There are still 5 more in need of fixing but they are all underweight. Three arrived yesterday, they are 7 weeks old- two mack tabbies and a black female. Their mom was killed by a neighbor’s dog and the people who found the kittens were clueless as to how to help them. They gave them cow’s milk to drink so they have horrible bloat at the moment. We have switched them to goat’s milk and I am giving them a combination of baby food and pumpkin to try to get things going again. They love to hiss, but I wouldn’t call them feral- just scared and wondering why their world has suddenly changed so drastically.

Do we have room for them? Nope- but will find room. Right now, because they are so little, I have put them in with the other kittens and after a few hours of hiding, they have come out in the open and being more visible. We also wanted them in with the others because activity will also get those clogged systems working. The bloat is concerning because of the hardness of the tummies. I have named them Hobbit, Tangie and Pebbles.

Grumpy is up for adoption but one of the photos I put online also show her kittens. Sadly the people calling are asking to adopt her babies and not her and she is only 7 months old! I said in the ad that the kittens were not available, but apparently some people can’t read. Hoping to find the perfect home for her as she is a real beauty but she will be a challenge at first until she realizes the person who has adopted her can be trusted.

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  1. It’s always tough when a cat needs someone patient to adopt them. But I know from experience, if you win the trust of a shy cat, you have their heart for life. Good luck to Gretel.

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