Report from Gretel’s New Home

This was on my answering machine this afternoon:

“Mary Anne this is Beth. I wanted to tell you that first of all, we have changed Gretel’s name to GiGi. Second, she slept between us all night and the only time she woke up was when she would headbump me so hard, I couldn’t sleep! Then I had to wake up and pet her!! We would go back to sleep until she wanted more pets. She is walking around our bedroom this morning as if she owns it. She is incredible and thank you for blessing us with her!

I was so thrilled. I  had hoped that deep down, past the trauma and the pain this cat was exhibiting, there was a beautiful soul looking for the right home. She has not growled, she has not nipped, she has not chased anyone’s ankles. She is loved, she is home and that is as it should be.

3 thoughts on “Report from Gretel’s New Home

  1. What a blessing and affirmation of your work Mary Ann! A wonderful life for Gretel. May she and her family have many loving years together!

  2. yep another great success story from the files of Mary Anne, cat whisperer. thank you for sharing that with us. So happy for them and for GiGi, she likes pets, Yay and I am sure she will get plenty of them!, Queen of her new castle!

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