I Am Almost Back

I am piggybacking on Mike’s computer right now. Mine melted three weeks ago. It has been a strange time not to have the computer. Mike is re-building mine in the hopes he can retrieve all that seems lost. At least he got my mail and files back so I could log into my blog and try to bring it up to date.

Hugh was nice enough to post on my behalf (thank you my friend) So  much has happened since I last logged in. Trista has been rehomed into a home with a girl with Down’s syndrome. It was the neatest thing when the family came to visit. Trista had never met the mom or the daughter before but the minute they came through the door, she leaped off my lap- dancing and barking and jumping on the girl in excitement. She knelt down and this “couch potato” dog jumped in her lap and began kissing her face! I was stunned but smiling and I knew that Trista had found her forever home. Turns out they had recently lost their poodle and they were looking for a replacement pet- they had contacted me about a kitten- but turned out they took Trista home and she is a very happy dog belonging to a very happy girl! It was amazing.

As I had Hugh mention, we lost Taylor and it was a big loss for both of us. So now our old timer kitties are Bentley 15 and Glory Bee 18. There are now five spots on our feline cemetery that have been claimed by some beautiful and wonderful felines: Chappy, Turner, Benson, Squirt and Taylor.

Two weeks ago, someone pounded on our front door. It was a group of extreme hikers. They had been training high in the Cascades and stumbled over a gunny sack that contained a queen and 5 kittens! The person (and I use that term loosely) that did this to this Russian Blue Mix and her family- I hope will have Karma visit them on a regular basis and make them completely miserable. He taped this family down into the bottom of the sack so they couldn’t move. There was so much hair loss from the cats trying to free themselves- and the queen Cassie had a 105.9 fever upon arriving! She was in the hospital for three days- she has a heart murmur- and she kept having reoccurring high temps. Several days, I was afraid she wasn’t going to make it. Her kittens were so starving when they arrived that they were fighting over the food and they were 3 weeks old! They wanted the canned food and they wanted it NOW! There were teeth and claws flying- no idea how long they had been in bondage. They are fine now- thank the Good Lord.  Cassie is getting spayed as I type- and I pray she makes it through the surgery but even with the murmur, she needs to be spayed.

Her five kittens have been added to the rest of the group bringing the kitten count here to 14. Last week a shelter took 3 and another rescue took 5. It was hard to feed and keep up with 20 kittens. We also lost two foster homes this year.

. Too many cats rescued recently needed to be sent to the Bridge. One 2 year old mack tabby- was so far into FeLV that her eyes just ran with yellow goo- it was built up into her third eyelid like a mucky pool of sewage. Her ears were yellow, her pads on her feet. She showed up at a trailer park and everyone was throwing water on her or trying to get her away from the other cats. So sad, and now she is at peace.

Our vet bill is right now at $1,115.32 so if you have any loose change running around in your pockets and you wish to share- please do. It is desperately needed- and I do mean desperately. Yes, I am begging here.

I need to go, but I thank you in advance-

3 thoughts on “I Am Almost Back

  1. Good to hear from you again!

    It could not have been easy to tape the mom and kittens in the bottom of that sack. There is some rage that will out in a nasty manner someday.

  2. Bernadette- that was my first thought when the hikers told me how high up they were when they found the sack. He had to have some rage to take them up there and place them inside so they couldn’t move. I know he wanted them to suffocate. It was also the hottest day of the year the day they were found. 116 degrees! Cassie made it through the spay and now she is just angry. It is going to be quite awhile before she will trust again. I know she will let me know when she wants to try and I will be right there to show her that not all humans are rage-filled bastards!

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