e-Bay Charity Giveaway Contest

E-Bay is holding a contest where if you go to their homepage and search for CATS Inc., among their charities and click on us and then click on add to favorites- we will be entered into a drawing for anywhere from $1,000- $10,000. You can also find us by our EIN number which is 45-2849720. The amount of people who click on us will determine if we will be put into the drawing for the monies. It runs to October 4th so please spread the word and tell a friend or two to vote for us as well-

5 thoughts on “e-Bay Charity Giveaway Contest

  1. Thanks, Sue, for the short-cut (though if you don’t add the number at the end, it takes you a charity providing computers for Hawaiians…) I voted anyway – for Cats, not the Hawaiians…

  2. Thanks John, I just copied the full url as it was on my computer, trying to get as many votes for cats, inc as we can. I posted on my fb, and will try to remember to do it several times a day

  3. Voted, after a tremendous go around with what my password was for paypal and ebay (couldn’t get ebay to let me reset pw, and paypal login provides a workaround.).
    I was determined 🙂

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