Tripp’s Trip to the vet

They did bloodwork and x-rays on Tripp and he was so good. He only got a bit clawsome toward the end after being in the carrier for about three hours off and on. He has PICA- they are going to put him on amnitryptelene (or however you spell it) to see if this makes the behavior subside or go away forever. It is unfortunately such a rare disorder in cats (more prevalent with dogs) that not much is known about it. Some believe it is because the kitten was rejected at birth- Tripp was not rejected- some believe it is metabolic in nature and can be cured by diet change (basically giving the cat a meaty bone every day to chew on) others believe it to be neurological in nature or a product  of genetic inbreeding. Tripp is from an inbred colony.

The “Kitty” had one hundred dollars in it- the bill was twice that- but that’s okay he is well worth it. Both he and his siblings are some of the most unique cats we have ever had here at the sanctuary. I go in tomorrow to pick up the medicine and we will see how it goes from there.

Tripp kept trying to get away from everyone and hiding in the hoodie of my sweatshirt. LOL Everybody just loved him and the vet agreed that trying the sedative first was warranted. He has no obstructions showing in his small intestine or his stomach so that is a relief. He is right now curled up with his buddy Kota no doubt taking comfort from his furry friend after all of this morning’s chaos visited on him.

2 thoughts on “Tripp’s Trip to the vet

  1. Keep us apprised. You and Mike and Kota are the best medicine for this fellow – but we’ll want to see positive results from the amnitryptelene, too!

  2. Tripp, stop eating stuff that you aren’t supposed to! Hahaha, yeah…like that’s going to work! Chucky ate every stringy item he could for a few years; the tie on my pajama bottoms, the venetian blind strings, he ate a hole through a wool sweater…and of course, swallowed a rope toy whole. Thankfully, he passed it, and surgery was not needed, but he’s struggled with intestinal issues all of his life. And yesterday, he became VERY interested in my earbuds wires, which I wear when I’m out for my evening walk.

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