Hobbling Along

My knee is still incredibly painful. Worse time is at night- can only lay in one position and the cats are determined to lay on me which only increases the pain. I can’t knock them off because I can’t move my leg freely.

I went for recheck today and they are concerned that my right foot will not straighten all the way. It wants to point to the outside, which I find odd because when my knee buckles, it buckles to the inside pocket. They renewed my pain meds and told me to start trying to do leg lifts as best I can because the meniscus when injured can adhere to a tendon that it is not connected to. Now they are not sure if it is a tear or a deep tissue injury. An MRI has been scheduled but the calendar for those are full so it is weeks away. They are going to expedite the order.

I have help with the outside feeders and the sanctuary cats which leaves me to tend to the inside kitties. I think Kota is suffering the most, I am unable to take him anywhere except outside to go potty and I see all his energy starting to explode. He knows I am hurt and normally he will pull me out to his pen at night to go potty and now he keeps in step with me without the pulling.

I have a brace to wear but it doesn’t fit at the moment because of all the swelling. They don’t want me to wear it yet- they just want me to have it on hand.

I did send out all the donation receipts and thank you letters. if you did not receive one either by email or direct mail, please let me know. My thanks to James for his help with creating such a great letterhead and helping me put it all together into something that might pass for professional 🙂

I love you guys a lot but sitting is a challenge, so I am going to sign off now. Thanks for all you did for the cats in 2017- so far no one has stepped up as a merchant to take the pressure off of feeding them in 2018 but the year is just getting started. It will all work out in the end and I will hobble through it-

4 thoughts on “Hobbling Along

  1. Wow, you really did a number on your knee. I have no doubt that it’s painful. I’m very pleased to read that you have help feeding the cats. I know that must have been a great worry to you.

    Is there something you rig up to alleviate the discomfort of sitting? Is it because your knee is bent? Perhaps a footstool or something similiar.

    In any case, it looks like things are a tiny bit better. Can you put Kota on a very long leash and let him run about but still be able to reel him in if necessary?

  2. Sorry to hear about your injury. As far as the cats climbing on you at night. Can you get a cardboard box and cut out enough on the two sides for your leg so you can have a barrier to your knee?

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