Adoption trip

It was a total bust. When we got them back home, both the cats were so stressed. Jet-Eye was open mouth panting! A long way to ask these sensitive cats to travel for nothing. Hanna is hiding in her hutch and Jet-Eye is decompressing upstairs.

People are contacting me  privately asking me what happened. I don’t want to go into the details right now- they aren’t important anyway. What is important are these two cats who had to endure such a long ride and are now going to need a few days to recover. Hanna is hiding in her hutch and growls at me when I even approach her and Jet-Eye who I had in the house for a few hours is back alone in his enclosure. He is eating now- which he wasn’t doing before when I offered him food. Hanna isn’t eating either- but I kind of expect that.

There is always a reason for everything and I am sure God will make it quite plain soon why this trip turned out to be a major disappointment.

“Ah- hem may I have your attention please!” Someone who just read my blog and lives in Oregon has contacted me and she wants to adopt Jet-Eye! She is coming over tomorrow to pick him up and no home check is necessary because she adopted from us already and has passed the home check with flying colors!

5 thoughts on “Adoption trip

  1. oh no poor babies and what a bummer for you to have to travel so far with upset kitties.

  2. What an ordeal for those two cats, and for you. But, just as you wrote that God has a reason for everything…Jet-eye has a permanent home. One you know and trust. Now that is a matter of things working out.

    Hanna will be all right. She’ll find her permanent home, too.

    Whatever happened, it’s a credit to you that first, you took those two little ones a long way to find them love and permanence, and second, that you refused to leave them where you knew they wouldn’t be happy. Yes, Jet-eye and Hanna suffered, but they will recover, and Hanna will have the chance at real happiness that Jet-eye is going to find.

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