Prayer Warriors Gather Near

We have a senior sanctuary kitty in bad shape. Turner has been here since she was 8 weeks old. Some low-life put her inside a paper bag, duct taped the bag and tossed her on the highway when she was a kitten. She is now 20 years old and she has lived outside most of her life. I did try to keep her indoors but she shuts down- stops eating, gets depressed. Her decision was to be outdoors so that’s where she has been. She has access to the 24/7 enclosure where the cats can come into the patio enclosure or outside, just not in the house.

I haven’t seen her around for a few weeks and the other morning I caught sight of her and she has lost so much weight. We had into the vet late last year where she was showing signs of kidney failure and now, I just need to trick her inside or trap her and get her in to ease her out of this life and into the next. I almost had her yesterday but Delilah did one of her famous crashes inside the house and the  noise scared the patio kitties. They all scrambled to the only exit before I could shut the door to escape. Turner and Gadget arrived at the same time and in a freak occurrence they both went through the door and got stuck! Gadget is a big Maine Coon and there was a lot of screaming as they struggled to get outside. I was trying to intervene but I was in danger of getting bit- finally they extracaited themselves and now Turner won’t go near the patio enclosure neither will Gadget.

I am going to have to set out all my traps at one time and see who I capture and hope I catch Turner in the process. I would say just guessing- she now weighs about 4 pounds. 🙁



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  1. Poor Turner. Twenty years, however, is a very long life for an outdoor cat – but then, she has had a very caring human looking out for her. I hope you are able to catch her. I think it would help both of you to be together at her end.

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