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Unable to get near Turner so far. I’ve tried all my tricks and none are working. She is eating a bit but I really need to figure out how to capture her and get her in and see what they advise. Not giving up, it will happen on her time, not mine. That’s the hardest thing when you work with these semi-feral kitties, they call the shots.

Since that “road trip” Hanna has come down ill. Rather than add to her stress and take her to the vet, I am treating her with antibiotics to stop her hacking cough and runny nose. I know it was stress-induced from the ride. She’s not coughing as much today but her nose is still running. Thankfully the discharge is changing color from green to yellow which means the doxy is working.

Took Mike to Portland yesterday for his wound care appointment. The doctor told us that because Mike’s disease is so severe and advanced- his leg will never heal. When they took off the dressing that I put on yesterday- they found a blood clot the size of a baseball on his leg! It wasn’t there yesterday 🙁 He must have bumped it getting into the truck) The doctor said she believes this sudden onset of blood blisters is a direct result of him taking Warfarin for four days (which was almost four months ago!) BAD drug! We are being referred to Willamette McKenzie Wound Care Clinic which is only an hour away from the house! I looked them up and they are rated number 9 in the United States for extreme wound care. Yay! It’s going to drastically cut down our driving time to and from appointments.

I told Jet-Eye to hang in there. Two more days until he is in his forever home! I think Hanna is just going to end up staying here with us. Right now we have 14 indoor kitties and 10 enclosure cats. Kitten season is starting so I imagine the numbers will start changing soon.

8:19 p.m. By the grace of God, I just trapped Turner. I instantly transferred her into a large carrier and wept when I picked her up. She weighs nothing at all. After tomorrow her suffering will end. She is eating right now and she wrapped her paws around my neck. Although she was so hard to get close to, I have always been able to handle her despite her growls of warning. I think she was telling me thank you for not giving up (which I almost did).

4 thoughts on “Just an update

  1. I was hoping to read that Turner had been captured. Everything happens when cats are ready, and not until, it seems. Sigh. As for Hanna, don’t give up on her. The right person for her is out there. That particular problem will happen in God’s time – the one entity who knows more than even cats!

    I can’t believe Mike just has to bump his leg for it to start bleeding. This is indeed a terrible condition. I am relieved that he will be going only an hour away from now on. Is that a permanent arrangement?

  2. The update was wonderful to read. Though it isn’t helping her, I am glad she ate. It means she wants to and may even be enjoying it. The poor girl. I am very glad she is with you now.

  3. I am so glad you were able to catch her, and she cuddled with you and ate. but at the same time it is sad, am hoping for a miracle and a little bit of meds and she will be right as rain.. but 20 year old is pretty up there and something you don’t see much of for an outdoor kitty.

  4. Sue some of our outdoor kitties have blown the myth that they only live for 2 years. Cleo was 18 when cancer claimed him. We lost Bravo at 16 to toxins (he got at a groomers not outside!) Hissy was 14. Of course because they widened the road and turned our two lane gravel lane into a major highway, we have lost cats before their time on that hungry stretch of road. But Turner when I would put her inside, she’d just shut down. Wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t drink, would hide in dangerous places (like the heating vent) I finally just gave up and put her outside surrounded by prayers daily. She’s flourished out there. I am hoping someday to be able to cat fence all of our property, but that isn’t going to happen at the moment. It’s a whopping $10,000 to get that done!

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