“For 20 years old- she looks pretty good!”

That’s what my vet said about Turner. Ben said that chances are the cat got locked in somewhere and couldn’t get much to eat or drink. I had given her 180 ml of fluids last night after I trapped her- he gave her 200 more and she started eating! I am to keep her inside from here on in and give her fluids for 5 days and if she doesn’t rebound then I bring her back and we talk about her options. I am so over the moon that she is still with us!

4 thoughts on ““For 20 years old- she looks pretty good!”

  1. OMG thank you God for your miracles and your blessings, what a good kitty. So Happy for all, over the moon is an understatement! I promise if I had $10k you would have your fence!

  2. Thanks Sue, your posting made me smile. It’s not in the cards yet to afford such an expense but it would sure save a lot more cats if it were!

  3. I was thinking that same thought, it would be nice to have a fence to keep them safe but that amount of money could go a long way in helping more kitties,

  4. Wow, this is a surprising development with Turner. If she can reconcile herself to staying inside, she may have some time left yet. Perhaps her most recent adventure soured her on the outside; after all, she must know she can’t run and hunt and fight like she used to.

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