That was Wonderful and Unexpected…

Had a new rescue this morning, a 6 month old kitty with four babies! The story behind them is that she showed up as a stray a few weeks ago, had babies in a place that she should have never been at- and about four days ago stopped eating and caring about much of anything. So I rushed over to get her and get her and the family to the vet ASAP. She is still there by the way- she is highly anemic (crawling with fleas) and dehydrated to the point of exhaustion. She looks so much like Turner- because her care was so labor intensive after I dropped her off as an emergency- one of the vets  has said she will foster the family for us! They are going to continue to give mom sub cutaneous fluids in an attempt to revive her and see if she can actually give milk to her babies. The four day stall in not eating concerns me because of feline hepatic lipidosis and her already being depleted as the four little ones sucked on her breasts. But, she is giving minimal milk at this time. The fact that the vet wants to take over her care makes me rest easier at night. I wouldn’t put her in a foster home right because of how bad off she is at the moment. I would put her babies into care so they can receive round-the-clock care. So this is ideal. The person surrendered her over to us, but called later and said he wants her back.

One thought on “That was Wonderful and Unexpected…

  1. He wants her back? Let him whistle for her! Six months old, pregnant, covered with fleas – and he thinks he can just dump her off on you for care, free care, and then ask for her back – I don’t think so.

    If you did not – as always – step up to the plate momma cat and all her babies would be dead by now.

    So glad the vet is taking care of things, volunteered to do so. There are good people in the world. Starting with you as a bright, guiding star for others.

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