Emergency Fund Raiser Underway

The new mom- the one I wrote about yesterday is just hanging on by a slim thread. The vets say she is “just out of it.” Pupils wide and dilated, won’t rest, can’t nurse, no interest in her babies. Really sad for her age. They discussed some options and for right now, I am going to authorize blood work so we know what we are working with here. They want to put a feeding tube in her because of her inability to eat- but they want to see what the blood work reveals first. Really sad for her- she should have NEVER had these babies.  I need to come up with at least $225.00 for the complete bloodwork necessary to try and find out if we can save her. If you can help- God Bless you- if you can’t please send prayers. I have named her Sara because she needs a name of strength facing what she is currently facing.


Thank you for anything you can send-

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