Sarah’s Babies

Here they are, now without Mom. I am going to pick them up ASAP as the vet wants them to be with someone all the time (now that Sarah is gone). I hope to get them into foster care immediately. But if not, they will stay here.


3 thoughts on “Sarah’s Babies

  1. Such tiny things. It’s hard to believe they will grow into the sleek, self-possessed creatures that adult cats are. (Well, except for one or two of mine…)

  2. I will pick them up tomorrow afternoon. No foster family available at the moment. I just got a call from someone who wants one bottle baby to take care of and to adopt- but we don’t work that way. I will not split up this family to accommodate someone’s need to have a bottle baby to bond with their dog. If she passes muster and she wants all four of them to foster- that would be a different story. But my understanding is she just wants one all her own.

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