Her Waiting is Over

Pirna has been still losing weight and so another trip to the vet had to be endured. She has been diagnosed with PKD Polycistic Kidney Disease a disease common in Persians and Persian crosses. She crossed over this morning peacefully being put down with all the dignity that she lacked in her life. She was in kidney failure which is why two prescriptions of appetite stimulants failed to jump-start her into eating- and why she was missing the box and flooding the underside of the litterboxes with her urine. It is also why she was losing weight at an alarming rate.

Goodbye beautiful Princess- you were loved while you were here with us and won’t be forgotten any time soon.


Here was another Persian cat we rescued years ago with very different results!



5 thoughts on “Her Waiting is Over

  1. Oops, she wasn’t the mom kitty. I wonder how long she suffered to weigh less than an 8 week kitten and to be in the end stages.

  2. oh man, I was so hoping for a good outcome for that beautiful princess, it takes so little to love a kitty and even less to treat them bad. She knew love with you, she could not have had a better life in the end. God speed sweet girl.

  3. Dang it what a beautiful post on starlight, I do pray his life full of joy and love, and who is chopping onions, stop it, stop it I say!

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