Distressed Call

30 minutes ago,received a call from Sweet Home Police about a cat found lying by the side of the road. I went to the location and found a black tomcat whose paws are really messed up (split and nasty infected) I wrapped him in a towel and he didn’t complain when I popped him into a carrier and raced home.

So much for being sweet- I took him into the bathroom to clean out his wounds and access him and he went full feral on me, hissing and spitting, tearing up the shower curtain- crashing  into the slick shower walls as he tried to escape. I couldn’t even put my hands on him- so I wrapped him up in a towel, put him back in the carrier and put him inside the cage in the cat enclosure. He is rail skinny and boney- he looks like he hasn’t seen a decent meal in months and he needs this wounds cleaned out- but I can’t touch him. So Plan B is to just provide him food, water, shelter until Monday and call the vet and get him in to be tested before we proceed any further with him. I call him Quince after the street I found him on- he has massive hair loss but I couldn’t even put flea treatment on him. Food and water will hopefully calm him down and perhaps tomorrow he will allow me to examine him and debride his wounds. If not- Monday isn’t that far away. He looks like he has mange, but mange in Oregon in cats is pretty rare. He’s seen better days that’s for sure-

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  1. I missed a day of reading my favourite blogs, and I’ve missed a lot. Quince may still have been stunned when you picked him up on the roadside. Thank goodness for it, too, or you may not have got him.

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