Molly’s Overnighter :(

They are keeping her because where her wounds are, they are on her back is quite painful. They will sedate her tonight, scrub out her wounds, flush them and administer a pain shot and covenia shot. I can pick her up in the morning. She was not on her best behavior but who can blame her? Please send prayers, she has never been separated from me and she sleeps with me everynight in the crook of my arm. I knew when she bit me on Saturday we were in for it- not like her at all. Fletcher is still in isolation- he also has gone after Bentley and Slip. He doesn’t care for the confinement but at least he can’t hurt anyone else. He would be a great barn cat but does not have it in him to be someone’s beloved “pet” Whatever happened to him before he was pulled from that porn shop has had lasting impressions on him.

Praise the Lord! Slip just got captured! She is in the introduction cage in the cat enclosure. She had been sleeping in a heated cat bed-so I swapped out the bed for a heated cat carrier with a door. It was right by the gate going into the backyard and I could see her from the back patio without her knowing I could see her. Once she settled for the night, I snuck out through the gate (once being glad for traffic going by to cover my footsteps. I had left the gate unlocked, so I carefully swung it open and when the motion lights went on, I froze thinking she would bolt. She didn’t so I leaned in grabbed the door and swung it close. She bounced against it several times before she quit, so I swung the cage upwards and held it down until I locked it. She has a heated cage to sleep in, food, water litterpans and she will go to the vet in the morning to get tested, spayed, vaccinated. I already know because she is tortie that she will be extremely hard to adopt out- so she will stay here with us until I find a true tortie lover (they are rare in these parts) But at least, she will never know the stress of having kittens and having to provide for them outside- or the stress and what I call madness of being mated by toms waiting to jump her. Thank you God- You are truly magnificent!

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  1. Good news and bad news. But at least Molly is being seen to, and she will be back with you soon. And Slip will be safe and spayed. Well done on capturing her!

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