Hope’s Dilemna

They ran the film and found a suspicious mass in her stomach, her stomach totally empty and her colon full of gassy fluid. They are now running a barium study and so she is staying overnight. She also spiked a fever of 103.4 so something is definitely wrong with her.

All this couldn’t hit at the worse times, but I guess that is just the way of it around here.

I am waiting for the vet to call regarding the study and I will update as soon as I know more. I suspect they are going to have to do surgery to find out what the mass is that is causing her so much pain. I warned them about her pain level being to the point of her attacking me when I touch her now. I don’t want these good vets to get bit like I was earlier today. I know her aggression is pain-driven. I may just have to surrender her to the clinic as her surgery is going to be costly. But, I will cross that bridge when I come to it and not until then-

7:10 p.m.- the vet just called and there is indeed a suspicious shadow on the films. He wants to keep her overnight and repeat the films in the morning. I asked if she was eating anything and he said no- 🙁

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