If this works, this is the growth coming from his front paw- his back paws, were also affected and he would become unbalanced when he sat or stood. I can’t wait to see him tomorrow and get him home and comfortable. I am using the pine litter for his pans- and adding water to it. Once it sits overnight, the litter will become the consistency of sawdust and be less hurtful for his poor feet. I also laid down some leftover linoleum in the cat enclosure. He will have a few dog beds (pillows) to sleep on, one that is heated which will also help soothe his owies. His lice is going to be an issue because I can’t bathe him so soon after surgery. I know the lice won’t transfer to me and as he will be alone without another cat nearby- we will just have to wait for the stitches to be removed before bathing him.

4 thoughts on “Quince

  1. oh my gosh, poor little guy, I will be contacting your vet tomorrow and see what I can do , cant promise to much . That boy needs as much love and prayers as he can get. God bless you Mary Anne

  2. From your keyboard to God’s ear my friend. it would make this a lot less stressful if folks believed in the good we do for these cats.

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