I’ll Never Understand It

This morning, while with Quince, he was belly rolling and doing air biscuits all the time I was combing him out. Lice in cats is so rare around here- one vet told me to continue using Frontline Spray on him, but Dr. Vicki the feline specialist who donates her time here told me to wait. He isn’t in any kind of shape to deal with a mixture of chemicals. So he gets groomed three times a day to remove the nits.

He is such a love and I just shake my head in disbelief that this “neighborhood” ignored his suffering. It isn’t as if he could run away- when I got to him, he couldn’t even walk. One little girl on her bike the day after I rescued him told me that she had told her mom about the cat and the mom told her to stay away! When I told this little girl, I had him, she dropped her bike and ran over and gave me a hug!

How can you do that- you see a cat that can’t walk, can barely see and he has goop hanging out of his nose and eyes and you walk away? You shut your blinds and call for the kids and take them to soccer? I just don’t bloody get it.

He is eating, he is drinking, he is pooping and peeing- all systems are go! He has decided the window seat is his favorite spot. I have to go in a few minutes and shut off his view because it is going to be in the 90’s today. Leaving that view open means that double-insulated enclosure is going to be mighty hot for him.

I delivered his food to him, yesterday, I had to feed him off a spoon- today, he figured out if he hangs his bad rear foot over the edge so there isn’t pressure on it- and holds his front paw up- he can eat without as much pain. I know he is still in pain- he is still on the pain meds, but he is just such a sweet, sweet boy.

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