Please send prayers

One of our senior kitties is severely injured and has gotten under the house in an area where humans cannot get to. Several have tried, including me- but short of hacking a hole in our living room floor and lifting her out- she is unreachable. I can smell the decay on her- she has been missing for two weeks. I went under there again this morning trying to reach her but even my catch pole won’t work. Inside, I am frantic and scrambling with my brain trying to figure out how to solve this before she dies a slow death. Sorry to be such a downer during the holidays- but please just pray that she has enough left in her to be able to reach the tray of food left for her in a more open area. She is 23 years old, semi-feral  and has been outside since she arrived here at two years old.

Here she is with MK and Poe. She is the kitty with the white exclamation point under her nose.

7 thoughts on “Please send prayers

  1. The best of thoughts go to her. Is there a smaller person, an older child, perhaps who can slip under and put the catch-pole around her (not if it’s dangerous, of course).

  2. The space is big enough for a gopher to go through but not a small person. I almost had her a moment ago with the catch pole but she ducked her head and it missed her. The skunk is under the house so staying under there to formulate another plan isn’t working. I am pushing food to her with our boat pole- I think what might have happened as she seems to be moving fairly easily (now that I have been under there a few moments to watch her elude me) is she is part Persian and she mats if you look at her. I can usually capture her once a year and get her shaved down- this year that was not possible. What I am smelling is a mat that has become so infected it is causing the odor (I am guessing at all of this because I can’t get close enough to confirm) All I can do is sprinkle some antibiotic on her food and hope she eats it- but there are 7 other cats under there with her. I feel so helpless right now. Her eyes are bright so that’s a plus no fever at this time. Just a very shy kitty who has found a place where she can if she has to shut down and go to sleep forever and no one will bother her. They call it “going to ground” if she has regeneration powers left in her, she can beat this despite her age and the rank smell. 🙁 Please just keep sending prayers- I will keep trying on my end to get her anyway possible.

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